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Welcome to me documenting my journey through my thirties. Honestly, I don’t know what is going to come out of my brain on here but I would like a place to document my thoughts, my interests, my readings, and questions my thoughts and the why’s of all that come with all aspects of those things.

What are these thoughts, why am I having these thoughts?

What are my interests? How deep do those interests go? Surface level or could I have a love for it? If I’m motivated to learn and practice these interests?

What am I reading? Who am I reading? Why did they write this book? How has this impacted me, as a person, and society as a whole? Why am I reading this book? What did I want out of it? A shallow, but good story (which is sometimes the vibe)? Or did I want to question the world around me? Did this book give it to me?

I have so many questions about so many questions in my life. I don’t really have anywhere to organize them. I don’t have anywhere to go with my thoughts.

the sunset

I write in my journal and have talks with my friends, which help so much. But everything is scattered. And I’ve tried other ways of tracking my journey and my days, like through video blogging, but the consistency to keep try of my journey isn’t there. I would love to keep creating videos as a part of my journey, to see if that’s an interest I want to explore more.

Storytelling is the deep part of want to want to explore out of all of my interests. Storytelling has always intrigued me. Especially in the form of books, fashion, and videos. I’ve started to pay attention more in my daily life to the detail of things. When I watch movies I notice and appreciate the editing more than I use to. The storytelling in books, they way and author will paint an image with words is so beautiful and moving. I want to create something I’m proud of that moves and comforts people. I don’t want anything grand. I’m happy with the base foundation of everything in my life. There’s the more that I’m questioning and striving for.

That’s the luxury and the privilege of the life I’ve been granted by my mother and family. I do recognize that because I’m comfortable, I grew up comfortable, and I want to recognize, appreciate, and take full advantage of this luxury. I want to explore all of these questions. Even if I don’t find all the answers, I want to start answering some of them myself.

So, where am I starting?

Goal setting.

I just watched a Youtube video and I heard someone say, “If you practice a skill for one hour everyday for three years, by the end of the third year you will be a master in that skill” and it really resonated with me. If I dedicated some of my time, which I have dead time to kill all the time, I would really find something that I have a passion for and, also, could be talented at it as well. But it’s really the finding a passion that’s really intriguing to me. Creating something with passion. Finding something that I could, also, have physical ending product as well. Just because I like seeing a product at the end of my work. A reward for the dedication. I need little affirmations along the way. I just know myself too well. I’ve been living with myself for 31 years now. I should start figuring out who I am.

Also, languages. Vietnamese and Korean. That’s a definite.

On that note. I want to start scheduling “lessons” for myself. Put aside an hour to sew a project, put aside an hour to look into this storytelling course. Let’s just start with that. I’ll explore the best way to go about learning languages. That will cost money I feel like.. I’m comfortable, but I can’t act stupid with money now. I’m trying to learn that, too. I’ve been keeping track of my expenses but I haven’t put the data to any use. So, we’re taking baby steps.

Let’s keep this up.

I’ll check in tomorrow. Hopefully I learned some things.

I want this to be a place where I have everything I’ve done, stories, the products of creativity, and struggles I go through. If there are tips out there I want to find them. And recommendations. My favorite books are from recommendations.

Comments & constructive criticism is always welcome lovies.

Thrive & shine babes.

Sorry for any typos, I’m not reading this back. Lol. These where just my unfiltered thought about tonight.

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