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The contents of my brain are all contained here.

Offending is never my intention, & I’m always trying to educate myself, so leave a comment if something don’t seem right.

Moments in Marrakech | PHOTOS

A couple of photos from four days, three nights in Marrakech, Morocco. These photos were taken on my Nikon Coolpix. The next photos are a couple shot on my iPhone 12 Pro that I quite enjoy. My favorite subject to snap a moment of is the sky, but the varies little creatures around the city won the trophy in this endearing city. I couldn’t get enough of the active life around the town. Please enjoy Marrakech through these images if…

Road to Self-Realization | Check-in

Ep. 2 It’s been two days. The day after my first post I was focusing on other projects. If you have a chance, check out my podcast Are You Okay? (with Michelle & Tricia) on Anchor and Spotify. It’s with me and my sister. I posted that. It’s our first one, so be easy. It’s a learning process in and of itself. Are You Okay? (with Michelle & Tricia) Get to know these two sisters, and maybe yourself, as they…

Road to Self-Realization | The what, the why?

Hello. Welcome to me documenting my journey through my thirties. Honestly, I don’t know what is going to come out of my brain on here but I would like a place to document my thoughts, my interests, my readings, and questions my thoughts and the why’s of all that come with all aspects of those things. What are these thoughts, why am I having these thoughts? What are my interests? How deep do those interests go? Surface level or could…